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Care & Maintenance Of Quartz

Our material is very fine in nature and like every fine material; it needs a little bit of care and maintenance. Here are the suggested ways of care that will help your material behave as expected.

Wiping: Stains look bad on everything. It is suggested to wipe off the spills than to take care of a stain that the spill may become. A simple act of wiping would do and your product should be as shiny as before.

Cleansing chemicals: It is always suggested to not to choose the cleansing products that contain soft or hard scouring granules such as Vim Scouring Powder or Cif Cream. Exposure to too much of bleach from the detergent may also make the surface lose luster over time.

PH: Watch out for the products that have very high or very low pH values. In other words, products that are too alkaline or too acidic in nature shall be avoided as they react with the surface and damage it over time. Additionally, decalcifies and products containing decalcifying agents as well as oil solvents and products containing oil solvents must be avoided.

Extreme force and Pressure: Although our products are tested to withstand extreme forcible and pressure conditions, however, any huge mechanical force may damage the surface. Over time and rigorous exposure to lesser forces can also leave scratches on the surface. For your countertop to maintain its good looks for many years, always use a bread/chopping board and a table mat (trivet).