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Fabrication Of Quartz

Feeding & Mixing

A careful inspection and basic processing of raw material is done before they are fed and mixed together.


Once we have the mixture, we put it in the molds. These molds are of standard size varying over the type of product required. These molds give us the desired size of the slabs.


Under a special vacuum environment, the slab is subjected to vibration process at 100 tons.


Heating processes ensure that the slabs of maximum strength and hardness is made. The slabs are cured in kiln where they are heated in this process.


Here is where the slabs get their looks done. We polish the slabs with utmost care. The colors and textures vary over a wide range.

​Quality Assurance

A strict testing and audit is done for these slabs. Only when the slabs comply to all the parameters of Quality, they are given a green signal for next step.


Once the product is tested for Quality, they are sent to labelling stage where the labels are done and the slabs are ready to be shipped.