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The Quartz stone in our manufacturing unit is cut using either a water jet or a bridge saw. Once the pieces are cut from the large slab, those pieces are forwarded to a CNC machine and with the help of a vacuum lifting system, the Quartz countertop pieces are then fabricated.


In this phase of the Quartz stone fabrication, the cutouts for your under mount sink, cooktop, or holes for faucets are all made. Once the holes are cut in the Quartz the edge is shaped by the CNC machine before the countertop is taken to final polishing.


We are approaching the end of the process here, polishing the stone. When the Quartz stone slab arrives to the fabricator from the quarry, the face of slab is already polished. The CNC shapes and polishes at the same time, leaving the edge shaped and polished.

Edge Profiling

The edge profile is the shape your kitchen countertop edge takes; it is all about shaping the countertop at the corners and the edges. In fact, the countertop edge profile is a small detail which homeowners usually overlooked in the kitchen.


All finished tops should always be handled carefully and carried in an correct upright position. Use a 50/100 micron polythene cover to pack tops. Use a layer of polythene in between the quartz surface and the packaging material.